Need Staff

Please find following a snapshot of some of our current candidates who are immediately available.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss these and other candidates in fulfilling your employment needs.

Candidiate KACBD8387 is seeking customer service roles, having had extensive experience in this area. Ideally suited to roles located in the Melborne CBD and North Western belt, CW is available immediately

Candidiate KACBD8624 is idealy suited to Executive Assistant and Adminstration roles, having had 8 years experience in administration within the construction, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Available immediately, this candidate is seeking roles in Metropolitan Melbourne and Bendigo

Candidate EHE8725 has proven experience in the childcare and aged care sectors as a personal care assistant and is seeking an immediate start.

Candidate RDE8211 has demonstrated experience in teaching Biology, German and Chemistry at a secondary school level and is seeking to move back into this career path.  

Candidate GMW7686 is a highly qualified nurse that is currently undertaking study in the field of Extensive Management in Aged Care (MBA).

Candidate JFW8224 has strong customer service skills with prior retail and cafe supervisory experience.  Candidate is seeking to further her knowledge in this arena.

Candidate JFNW8937 is very well spoken and has extensive experience as an Investigator, having worked with numerous Government Departments. Candidate is seeking a Senior Investigator role. 

Candidate MBNW8331 is a qualified Carpenter and seeks a Gardening/Building Maintenance/Handyman role.